Our customer creation matrix guided approach to digital customer and client creation is a synergistic one. What this really means is that we believe true sustained growth does not take place in isolation.

Generating new, qualified, and loyal business for you  – and doing it consistently – means custom tailoring a multi faceted approach that is designed for YOU and you only.

As such we identify the channels, methods, and systems that are best suited to target your ideal customer, and are in line with your core values and services as a business.

What follows is a brief list of just some of the customer generation paths that we offer – and this is just a small sample of what we have on offer.

We begin with identifying and precisely targeting only those clients and customers that are proven to be most interested in your products and services.

Unlike most “agencies” out there – we aren’t limited to just Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. We aren’t even limited to buying ads, or SEO – or any one single cookie cutter method.

In fact we have access and full mastery over 108 (and growing) different platforms, virtually guaranteeing that we can find your exact ideal customer. Here’s a high level breakdown:

  • 15 Social Media and Video platforms
  • 8 Search Platforms
  • 40 Direct Traffic Platforms
  • 10 Email Marketing Platforms
  • 30 High Traffic News and PR platforms
  • 5 Business to Business platforms

Our targeting is so precise that we can narrow down your exact audience by their location (down to a single address!), age, gender, company size, role, income level, job status, credit status, and their psychological makeup (i.e. what makes them tick) – to name just a few of the over 440 attributes we can filter by.

What that means to you is that each prospect gets a message custom tailored to their exact situation as if you were speaking to them directly. No more guesswork, no more shotgun advertising, and no more wasted dollars!

So whether you’re selling shoes, looking for new clients, or trying to close high value real estate or even oil pipeline deals – we can find exactly who you are looking for!

Once we have your target dialed in, it’s about getting their interest and positioning your offer as the ONLY logical choice.

How? In a nutshell it comes down to a fancy term we call “segmented messaging”.

What this really comes down to is crafting specific ads, offers, and messages that are designed to appeal to precisely the person being targeted.

Imagine if every online prospect felt like you deeply understand their needs and felt an instant emotional connection with your offer – almost as if you were right there speaking to them one on one?

How much better would your inquiry and sales rates look? How much longer would customers stick around?

Now you can do that without having to hire a salesperson for each person online (that would be impractical and frankly impossible!).

We bring the power of that one to one relationship to your online prospects – and the result is more prospects, better leads, more sales, and long term retention for you and your business!

Okay, so now we have your prospects attention. What’s next?

Here’s where the real magic happens. Most sales, as you probably know, take place after multiple touch points with your prospect. I.e. they need to be followed up with strategically, multiple times, and each time differently depending on where they are in your buying cycle.

Now you could manually email, call, or otherwise chase after your prospects, and that will get you some results. But how long can you keep that up? How many manual calls or emails can you or your staff send?

It’s really a matter of scale and efficiency. That’s where our automated follow-up systems come into place.

Our systems will track where each prospect is in your pipeline (are they researching, browsing, ready to buy?), and automatically email them, text them, and even advertise to them based precisely on how far along the journey they are.

Imagine it like having an infinitely large team constantly following up and converting prospects into engaged leads and sales – but you don’t need to hire a single person to do it! That’s where we come in…

This is the money stage! Here’s where we take your warmed up leads – ones that we’ve followed up with and brought to the stage of frenzied excitement about your offer – and we convert them into cold hard cash.

Whether you need appointments, sales, upsells, or even post sale referrals – our systems will automatically take care of all these for you and track every single sale from our entire client creation matrix and give you an exact measurement on what your ROI is.

So not only are your sales and appointments set up for you – you know exactly, down to the cent, how much profit our entire system is generating for you – and you decide how much or how little you want to make on any given day – just let us know and we’ll take care of it!

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