Facebook Launches Local Insights for Local Business

Are you a local business?

If so then Facebook has just made it a lot easier for you to undertsand your neighbourhood and the foot traffic in and around your business.

First lets go to Local Insights
Login to your page.
Click on Insights.

Click on Local down the left hand menu.

In the Local Insights tab.

You can see the demographics and peak hours of foot traffic around your business at a distance of 165ft and 500ft within the last week, month and quarter. Along with the top age range, the busiest times, and day of the week.

You can see Ad Performance and compare spend against what percentage of people that saw your ad within 165ft or 500ft. And also your active ads.

You can also see an average of the number of preople around you business in the last month against the number of people who saw your ad. This can be broken down by Hourly, Weekly, Overall and Check Ins.

And one of my favourite features Demographic breakdowns by:




Home location (is most of the foot traffic local or visitors from other neighbourhoods?)

Age and Gender


Combining Local Insights along with the other audience targeting options and ad scheduling that Facebook provides. Will help to reduce your ad spend and hone in on your best target audience. Which in turn will bring in more qualified foot traffic and and a higher ROI on that spend.

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