Facebook Advertising Goals

Click on the “ Create Ads” option in your Facebook Menu to choose an objective.

Ads can be created according to your goals. The options are:

Facebook Ad Types

1) Boost your post

This option works best if you want more audience to engage in your post. The ad is created from the post that you choose. You need to select the right page as well.
You have the option with this type of ads to target new and/or existing fans and clients of yours. You can choose who will see the ad, according to their information, they shared on Facebook (location, age, gender, interest etc.) or you can choose people, who liked you page already.
Boosted posts look, like other content on your target audience’s main news stream, but you will need to pay for the impressions, so it is very important, that you promote your own content and you drive the audience to your own site and not somebody else’s.
For a successful campaign, it is suggested that you promote:
• Promote a message, that is helpful for your audience
• Ads for generating leads, like webinars, free items for giveaway, e- books etc.
• Information about events, product launches, campaigns, promotions etc.
• Video ads

2) Promoting your page

By promoting your page, it is a very fast and easy way to increase your audience. The easier they can like you page, the, more they will like it.
By targeting friends and family members of your existing fans, you gain immediate social proof that helps people trust you and like your page faster. You shouldn’t target existing fan.
Another audience, that can quickly become part of your fan base are the visitors of your website and the users of your mobile app, who are not your fans yet.
This type of ad should contain a Like button, content and a catching image. By clicking on the image, your audience should be redirected to a landing page. Sending them directly to you Facebook page lowers the conversion rate, as the call to action message is not strong enough. Once people are directed to your landing page, your message and call to action should be very clear. Depending on your goal, you can ask them to like your page or sign up for newsletter etc.

3) Sending people to your website

These are special ads, that show up on the right side of your Facebook page and allow you to direct traffic to your website. You are allowed to use up to 5 different images and each image can be linked to a different site.

4) Increase conversions on you website

With this type of ads, you will need add a code to your website in the section, that measures the conversion. You will also need to decide, what type of conversion do you want to measure, so Facebook can target an audience, which is most likely to convert.
The options are:
• Checkouts
• Registrations
• Leads
• Key Page Views
• Adds to Cart
• Other website conversions

5) Get installs of your app

This is a type of ad, that takes your audience to Google Play or to App Store to download or purchase your app. You will need to choose the right call to action opinion.
• Install now
• Play Game
• Watch Video
• Shop Now
• Book Now

6) Increase engagement in your app

This type of ad is usually targeting existing fans, who have already downloaded your app and through Facebook, you can direct them back to your app.

7) Raise attendance to your event

8) Get people to claim your offer

Ads for offers can be easily created and widely used for online stores or discounts, or local business promotions. There are restrictions to what type of pages can advertise offers (community pages are restricted) and you have to have more than 50 fans and a page older than 1 month.

9) Get video views

Video ads work really well on Facebook and you are able to reach more people for a lower budget. The auto play option is customizable and allows you to set the videos to start playing on your audience’s news feed, as soon as they scroll down. You can also target people, who already watched other videos.

Best Practices for using Facebook ads:

Your goal should be, when preparing your Facebook ads is to reach your target according to where they are in the sales funnel. A good sales funnel is an advertising process to introduce your product to your audience, to the point, when they consider using or buying your products and sharing or recommending it to other users.
For users at the beginning of the funnel, you need to create interest, that will probably direct them to your products or services.
In the next phase you want to target the audience, who already showed interest, to consider your product / service. You want to have a strong message for these people, so they can engage with your brand and share the experience with other users.

The best working ads are the ones showing up in the news feed, as they are more visible, easier to engage and they show on mobile devises as well.

What kind of sales and marketing goals can be supported by Facebook ads?

* You can increase your fanbase
* Brand awareness
* Increase in-store or online sales
* Launching new products or services
* Promoting mobile applications.
* Promoting events
* Generating leads

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